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Welcome to Live Video Training with your host Steven Healey

Featured Product XSplit Vcam

This is the simplest way to use a green screen on your Windows 10 machine 

How does Xsplit Vcam work ? Follow Steven as he describes the steps to take in order to create an amazing green screen experience

Links Xsplit VCam

The Almost Complete Guide to Be.Live, live video broadcasting #BeLive2020

Free BeLive Training Course on Youtube

BeLive is the BEST way to go live with four people on screen on Facebook and Youtube. BeLive works in your chrome browser and all broadcasts start from your desktop or laptop

In this overview I outline the BeLive Studio functions , in the following videos I details step by step how to use them.

From knowing which browser works best to the most effective way to cancel out background noise, from familiarizing yourself with the staging area to having a remote assistant onboard–IT’S ALL HERE!

ShowCaster Countdown Clocks

A series of colourful FREE countdown clocks to play at the start of your broadcast,
Each week on Sunday I will release 6 new videos . you may use the videos unaltered in any of your broadcasts.
You can download from Vimeo or play direct in your broadcast using the Youtube link
If you want to help promote the countdown clocks. please share the video.
The countdown clock is part of Showcaster, a broadcast manager system due for release early Q3 2020
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